Cheap Accounting Software For Small Business

Before you purchase your accounting software, be sure that it is customizable so you don’t incur extra out of pocket expenses modifying your module. An extremely good accounting package that gives precisely this versatility is “Microsoft's Office Accounting Express (2007-2009)”, an accounting software package you've got to see to believe.

When we think about Microsoft, we think purchasing for whatever software they're selling.  The good news is that it is free when  you buy their basic package!

Microsoft Office is made for small businesses.  It starts you off with a sophisticated basic package what will not only allow you to account for one small company, but for many small companies, that is especially suited for eCommerce (they've got a Paypal component that integrates its accounts payable, accounts receivable and sales with your Paypal account), where it handles your basic accounting functions, is modular, that handles either a sales or services company, and that can be built upon. The last point is the catch (not a regrettable one if the basic stuff is free). You’ll only have to pay if you need to upgrade to additional modules if your business grows and takes off.


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The basic system includes many valuable components: a complete accounting system that handles basic financial accounting, including accounts payable, equity accounting, accounts receivable, online sales, fixed assets, banking, sales, vendors (wow!), and all the reports you'll need for even a medium-size business. Imagine this basic accounting system; the upgrade is the “Office Accounting Professional”. ,It will allow you to handle employees, inventory, project management, multi-user sharing, and foreign currency sales. This system will take your accounting practices from a small to a medium-size business with ease at a cost you cannot afford to ignore. Also making use of business cheap bank check discounts by reordering checks online further reduces business accounting costs.

Lastly, we're talking about an accounting software system that is so basic and simple to use, even those who have no experience in accounting will find it simple to use. It's graphic interface is truly artful, and it's usefulness and documentation makes it the perfect accounting system for those with little or not accounting background

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